Growing up in the 21st century is not always easy. During this digital age most of us know how hard change is. Moving from flip to smart phones, from snail mail to E-mail, from 850’s to 860’s…

….What?.. You don’t know what 860’s are? Well let me change that.

An 860 transaction is a document designed to make changes to any original purchase order, without having to create an entirely new PO! Yup, that’s right… Wrong prices? Change it. Wrong quantity? Change it. Wrong date? Yup… you can change that too!

Lets say little Jimmy comes in and orders 400 action figures, but a day later decides he actually needs 430 (Jimmy loves action figures)… By sending an 860 to your supplier, they now know that the original order has been changed by request of the customer. There is no need to make any calls, send emails, or tie a note to a carrier pigeon in hopes that your supplier receives the notice of the change. You’re happy, your supplier is happy, and most of all little Jimmy is happy.

With the ability to change a purchase order you eliminate confusion of having to create new PO’s for your suppliers. It will also create a more organized way to keep track of price changes from your suppliers and finalize an acknowledgment!

The 860 transaction is the hero your business needs, AND deserves.