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ecUtopia offers industry specific features for:


Furniture · Home Decor · Footwear · Apparel · Consumer Electronics · Appliance · Grocery · Specialty


Wholesale Distributers · Importers · Food


Third Party Logistics · Freight Forwarders


As the retailer, you want to avoid buying, testing, and upgrading expensive EDI software. You need a solution that is easy to use and has robust functionality. You want a solution that is easy for your manufacturers to use and adopt.

Your partners EDI file formats are translated into a format that your applications can use for automatic data entry and export, and for viewing and updating through our web portal. Little to no training is required for you and your vendors. We use tools that make it easy to make and deliver changes without big price tags or complex upgrade processes.

Supply Chain Industry-Specific Solutions

Manufacturer EDI


As the manufacturer, we provide you EDI that helps your relationship with the retailer.

Purchase orders, acknowledgements, advance shipping notices, invoices, and other transaction types are transported and translated into the exact format needed by your trading partner.ecUtopia has the ability to get you exchanging all documents electronically with retailers without the expense of traditional EDI. Our web portal is the solution. The web portal can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and gives the vendor the ability to print barcodes, send/receive documents electronically to trading partners, and maintain 100% compliance.


Integrating transportation providers into the supply chain is paramount. ecUtopia has built solutions that allow for simply interaction between the retailer, the manufacturer and their desired transportation providers. Just as importantly, the transportation provider can interact electronically with a simple and understandable user interface, enabling quick decisions, and quicker business processing which in turn make for happier business partners.

Transportation Integration