You Need to Satisfy More Customers Without the High Cost of Inventory

Customers will no longer be limited to what you can hold in stock. Customers will receive orders faster and won’t have to make an extra trip to the store to pick up their merchandise.

A Branded, Direct Ship Solution

Sell from your website and ship merchandise directly to customers from your manufacturers with ecUtopia’s Direct-Ship to Customer solution. With the Direct-Ship to Customer solution you’ll also reduce inventory costs including receiving, storage, security, insurance, picking, and processing.


Stop Losing Money On Your Docks & In Your Yard

Save time and money by improving scheduling efficiency in your yard and on your docks. With the benefit of improved inventory flow, you can increase sales due to available merchandise.

Complete Control of Yard Traffic

Improve efficiency and profitability with precise scheduling.

With ecUtopia’s Dock Scheduling & Yard Management solution, you can manage yard traffic and changing delivery dates and times with precision.


Smaller or Non-Technical Suppliers Can Quickly Become EDI Enabled

With ecUtopia’s easy to use ecPortal, suppliers with little to no technical capabilities can quickly and easily comply with any Retailer’s EDI and Supply Chain requirements, while improving your operation.

User Friendly Web Portal

Quickly and easily connect to all retailers and trading partners without having a huge IT investment.

The burden of having to connect and comply with multiple retailers and trading partner requirements can be overwhelming. ecPortal’s user friendly technology can help get you up and running quickly, saving you time and money while giving you visibility into every piece of the supply chain puzzle.


Stop Losing Money on Transportation Costs

With ecUtopia’s Load Tendering software, you can easily compare rates and order shipping services from your preferred freight carriers with the best rates and service for your specific needs. By seeking offers from multiple partners on a route, you can select the carrier, select the best rate and have the shipment order sent to the carrier electronically.

Automated Load Tendering and Tracking

Easily compare and select the best freight carrier.

You receive full visibility on all shipping milestones, ensuring an accurate arrival date. You also will understand up front your transportation costs, allowing you to plan cash flow and financial analysis. Automated load tendering makes it easy for you to increase your freight volume and manage your costs without adding more resources.


You Need to Know if Your Order is Going to be Shipped on Time

Ship dates are rarely forecast accurately when an order is placed. Ship dates can be impacted by increased product demand, manufacturing quality issues, and changing shipping lead times.

Transparent Information with Order Status & Inquiry

Automatic inquiries to get accurate ship date and order quantity information through the order process.

With ecUtopia’s Order Status & Inquiry, you can accurately predict merchandise arrival dates, to decrease your inventory on hand, while still meeting customer demand and promised availability dates.


You Need Better Visibility on Your Parts Orders

Parts Order Management is tough on you and your customers. The lack of consistency in how to create a part order, create a part number, get this order to your vendor and track this back to your customer creates massive customer service issues. Improving the customer experience is a must for all companies.

Automated Tracking of Parts Orders

Improve the customer experience with accurate shipping information.

With the Parts Order Management solution, retailers and manufacturers have full visibility on parts orders. Retailers are able to collaborate and communicate with the proper resources to resolve parts and product concerns for their customers. The customer wins as the right part arrives at the right place with full tracking and understanding of what needs to be done.