Although EDI integration provides cost savings and improves the accuracy of data, there are times where you may find yourself with a discrepancy that needs to be addressed.   Not to worry though, there is a community of folks with the knowledge and skills to get you the answers you need and help you smooth out any wrinkles you may encounter. These folks are often found on the phone, while hiding behind monitors, scrolling through data looking for answers. These folks are your EDI product support specialists. They have been employed to maintain systems, resolve discrepancies, search for answers, and initiate enhancements that will improve the functionality of your EDI integrated system.

Here are few ways to improve your support experience and ensure that issues get resolved as quickly as possible:

It’s all in the details-

  • The more information you can provide initially, the quicker your support specialist can identify a problem and deploy a solution. Once you realize you have an issue or require an enhancement, take the time to document what you see. When you are ready to reach out for assistance; always provide document numbers, dates, a problem description, and any screenshots or images.

Send an email-

  • Product Support groups implement ticket systems to manage and assign cases out to the specialists who will resolve them. These tickets are generated when an email is sent to a specific location. By sending out an email containing the details you collected, you are ensuring that the information is accessible on the ticket and that you are in line to have your issue addressed.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone-

  • It may seem intimidating to pick up the phone and call someone you do not know to talk about a something that you don’t know much about, but it can significantly decrease the amount of time it will take to resolve a support case. More often than not, the specialist assigned to your case will have follow up questions that are essential to getting the issue resolved. Phoning after sending in a support request email is not required but often helps both you and your support specialist.

If possible, develop a solid relationship with your assigned support specialist-

  • Someone who has worked with you before will have better knowledge of your system and know the history of interactions. The better your relationship the less stressful support issues feel because you know that someone has your back!

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