ecUtopia announces company bonuses based on new corporate tax structure

ecUtopia, the largest provider of EDI services within the Home Furnishings Industry, announced today bonuses for all its employees. The employee bonus is attributed to the new tax law. Under the new tax bill, corporate tax rate will drop from 35% to 21%.

Phil Kenney, CEO & President of ecUtopia, explains “we had great news from our accountants and wanted to pass that to our employees.”

ecUtopia isn’t the only company out there doing this, companies like Hostess, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Starbucks, AT&T and Disney to mention a few.

“We are not a big national company, but our employees are important to us, they make us who we are” said Ron Sellers Co-Founder & SVP of ecUtopia. He continued to say, “once we heard the news, our entire board wanted to share it with the team.”

About ecUtopia

ecUtopia was founded in 2011 by EDI experts and has grown with the supplement of highly experienced, customer focused professionals, who do the job right. We have taken our 200 plus years of combined leadership experience in retail software solutions to build an easy to use, easy to deploy, cloud-based supply chain management solution. Our laser focus on the problems of the small to medium business, allows us to remove obstacles and decrease the steps it takes to get the job done. Our solutions are user friendly and available, so our customers can easily adapt and get the highest value for their time and money. We built EDI’s ERP with the idea of being easy to business with allows for growth and benefit for all parties involved. Being easy to work with is our method, mutual success is our goal!

ecUtopia currently has offices in San Diego CA, Taunton MA and Trempealeau WI.