ecUtopia announces releases another new product Dock Scheduling and Yard Management

ecUtopia, the largest provider of EDI services within the Home Furnishings Industry, announced today the introduction of its cloud-based Dock Scheduling and Yard Management solution, the first of several new supply chain management products being offered by ecUtopia.

Ron Sellers Co-Founder and SVP of ecUtopia said “Dock Scheduling and Yard Management will give our customers complete control of yard traffic, improve efficiency and profitability with precise scheduling.”

Mor Furniture a Top 100 Furniture retailer in San Diego will be the first customer using the new functionality. Matt Tranchina, CFO of Mor Furniture, explains “we’ve been a happy user of ecUtopia since 2012. Their new functionality will increase yard capability and reduce off-dock fees, this will take additional time and cost out of our supply chain”.

Phil Kenney President & CEO of ecUtopia comments “The use of ecUtopia’s Dock Scheduling and Yard Management solutions will improve our customers space utilization, bring higher priority product into the warehouse faster and increase sales by making the right product available more quickly.” He goes on to say, “with warehouse and yard space costing a premium in more and more markets, this is one way to do more without taking on the additional cost of adding space.”

About ecUtopia

ecUtopia was founded in 2011 by EDI experts and has grown with the supplement of highly experienced, customer focused professionals, who do the job right. We have taken our 200 plus years of combined leadership experience in retail software solutions to build an easy to use, easy to deploy, cloud-based supply chain management solution. Our laser focus on the problems of the small to medium business, allows us to remove obstacles and decrease the steps it takes to get the job done. Our solutions are user friendly and available, so our customers can easily adapt and get the highest value for their time and money. We built EDI’s ERP with the idea of being easy to business with allows for growth and benefit for all parties involved. Being easy to work with is our method, mutual success is our goal!

ecUtopia currently has offices in San Diego CA, Taunton MA and Trempealeau WI.