‘The Time Is Ripe For Smaller Retailers To Compete Against The Giants’

RSR Retail Systems Research looks into the challenges that smaller retailers face in the global market and how ecUtopia is answering the call.

“We are living through an extremely hyper-competitive retailing era. In a world seemingly dominated by retail giants, it’s easy to wonder how a smaller retailer can possibly survive and thrive. Still, there are real indications, both societally and practically that the opportunity is there.

Consumers crave curated assortments. Their time is important to them. Giant retailers tend to have broad assortments, which can be a turn-off to shoppers. Those retailers struggle but are thus far challenged to pivot their strategies. Consumers are also eager to support smaller businesses. There is a certain societal weariness of retail giants.

We know the market is there. We know the consumer needs are there. But are the profits also there? In today’s world, speed and information are important currencies. In this piece, we’ll talk about the opportunity to get faster to improve both top- and bottom-line results and find ways to do this without breaking the bank on costs.”

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    About ecUtopia

    ecUtopia was founded in 2011 by EDI experts and has grown with the supplement of highly experienced, customer focused professionals, who do the job right. We have taken our 200 plus years of combined leadership experience in retail software solutions to build an easy to use, easy to deploy, cloud-based supply chain management solution. Our laser focus on the problems of the small to medium business, allows us to remove obstacles and decrease the steps it takes to get the job done. Our solutions are user friendly and available, so our customers can easily adapt and get the highest value for their time and money. We built EDI’s ERP with the idea of being easy to business with allows for growth and benefit for all parties involved. Being easy to work with is our method, mutual success is our goal!

    ecUtopia currently has offices in San Diego CA, Taunton MA and Trempealeau WI.