Being the force that facilitates the movement of goods across our planet, the transportation industry is perhaps the most important to our economies. Not surprising, the first industry to get involved with EDI was the transportation industry. The concept of transportation in relation to EDI answers the question, ‘Where are my goods?’ from the retailer perspective.

During the transportation process, the goods are tracked using electronic messaging in order for deliveries to be scheduled and containers managed. All data is communicated between the carrier, shipper, and the retailer in EDI.

One of the main advantages of EDI is that it eliminates a dispatcher from having to manually enter information into the operational and billing system. This results in saving time and money while eliminating data entry mistakes. The other advantage is that transportation companies can communicate seamlessly and electronically with all parties in the supply chain process.

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Here is a sample of Transportation:

204    —-> EDI 204, carrier shipping information, allows trucking firms to be aware of the shipment

990 Vendor <—- EDI 990 confirms pick up

214  Vendor <—-  EDI 214, Motor carrier shipment status, allows vendor to know the shipment status once the shipment is picked up

210 Vendor <—- EDI 210, Motor carriage freight details, and invoice to vendor