EDI fundamentals are often defined by two words, Accuracy and Consistency. They are words that drive us to look into EDI solutions and they are words that can dramatically impact EDI performance.

Accuracy drives EDI, it is one of the reasons we focus on using electronic methods to transfer data. It is fundamental when creating the programming that allows for the translation and can make or break a systems ability to complete the transmission of data. Using a paper based system; faxing or emailing data all requires human input. Notations, mistakes and outdated information can all lead to a loss of time and money. EDI provides control when sending out data, and ensures accuracy by automatically uploading into the required systems. When mistakes are made, EDI systems will identify and flag any issues making them easy to locate and correct quickly. Setting standards through the use of EDI also allows companies to ensure that all data is uniform and meets the needs for business development and future growth.

Consistency goes hand in hand with Accuracy and is the cornerstone to building an EDI partnership that is strong, efficient and will experience the least amount of bumps along the way. We have all heard the phrase before, “Consistency is key! “ Once EDI trading begins two or more systems work together trade data information. These systems will look for the same information, in the same location, for the same document. It is rare that the programming language that drives these processes fails, but things can go sideways in a hurry if data is not provided in the correct format. This is where we push to ensure consistency. Once format and routine have been established, the automated process can run with little to no intervention!

The more time that is spent planning for an accurate and consistent EDI connection, the less time that you need to spend managing the data after the trading partnership goes live. Now imagine letting someone else worry about the accuracy and consistency of your data and your trading partnership. That’s where ecUtopia can step in and give you a hand! If your would like more information about EDI and how ecUtopia can help ensure accuracy and consistency when sending data, give us a call at 858.634.5055 or shoot us an email at support@ecUtopia.com.