An EDI 855 is also known as a Purchase Order Acknowledgment. A Purchase Order Acknowledgment is used by the sellers (vendors, manufactures, etc.) to confirm the receipt of a purchase order, also known as an EDI 850, from the buyers (retailer, merchandiser, etc.). This document can either confirm the PO by accepting or rejecting the 850. This document, like much of EDI, eliminates the need to call or fax a confirmation of the Purchase Order.

Unlike the 997, the 855 serves a more sophisticated purpose, than just accepting and rejecting the 850 document. Depending on inventory availability of the seller, or to simply modify an error in the header, the 855 has the capability of accepting the Purchase Order as the following

  • All PO line items accepted (no changes or rejections)
  • Change or reject one or more line items
  • Header-level changes, with one or more line items changed or rejected

Additionally the 855 can also be used to advise the buyer of a pre-arranged merchandise shipment directly from a seller.


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